Purple Gecko have a variety of dance programmes which we deliver in Nurseries & Primary schools.

After School & Breakfast Clubs 

We can deliver Karate, Thai Boxing, Basketball, Multi Sports & a variety of dance styles in these clubs including:

Street Dance


Musical Theatre plus many more

Dance Ed

This is where we take inspiration from curriculum topics and create dance sessions to help educate in a kinaesthetic way. We can also tailor programmes to suit your individual school, year groups or term topics.

Dancing Through Time

This is our dance and History program which solely focus on periods in time.  We work closely with Warrington Museum and Culture Warrington to bring History experience days at the Museum. (You may have experienced one of our sessions already) We also bring this program of dance into schools as one of days or termly blocks.

Dance days

We offer 1 off dance days or half days, again where we can tailor to suit your schools’ topics and needs.


This is a yoga session which was developed during COVID 19 to help children’s mental well-being.

We are really excited to offer this to schools.

Mini Movers

This is a specifically designed programme for pre-school children where we take learning topics that are in line with the EYFS guidelines and deliver them through dance and movement. We recommend this programme for children aged 2-4 years.

Purple Gecko also deliver Karate within Primary Schools

Karate for kids

This is a great way for children to get active, socialise and experience diverse learning in a positive and consistent environment. Karate can also help to improve a child’s mental and physical health.

We teach the concept of self-confidence through positive reinforcement. As children learn that they can master a skill, they will develop confidence in themselves and have the courage to try new things. We award their progression and learning through a belt grading system. This is something the children can work towards and feel a sense of accomplishment and be proud about achieving.

If a child is shy or struggles with feeling accepted, they can have the opportunity to build intentional and safe friendships with their fellow classmates in our karate class. They can learn from, and engage in healthy competition with other children, as well as learn respect for each other.

Karate sessions we offer include:

After school and Lunch time clubs.

Karate for PPA/PE sessions.