Mini Movers (2-4 years) – Purple Dress, Ballet Tights, Ballet shoes

Creative dance – Black leggings and White Purple Gecko T-shirt.

Musical Theatre – White Purple Gecko T-shirt and Black Leggings or Bottoms

Infant Ballet – Purple leotard, Purple wrap skirt, Ballet tights, Ballet shoes.

Junior Ballet – Purple Leotard, Purple Wrap Skirt, Ballet tights, Ballet shoes

Senior Ballet – Black leotard, Black wrap skirt, Ballet Tights, Ballet Shoes

Street dance/Hip Hop/Commercial – Black legging/joggers, White Purple Gecko T-shirt

Senior Contemporary – Black leotard, Black leggings or Jazz pants

Junior Lyrical – Purple Leotard, Purple Wrap skirt

Senior Lyrical – Black leotard, Black leggings or Jazz pants

Senior Tap – Black leotard, Black jazz pants, Black Tap shoes

Infant Tap – Purple Leotard, Ballet tights, Black Tap Shoes

Junior Tap – Purple Leotard, Ballet tights, Black Tap shoes

Infant, Junior/Elementary, Intermediates Combined Tap, Ballet and jazz classes – Purple Leotard, Purple Ballet skirt, tights, Tap shoes, Ballet shoes, Jazz shoes, Jazz pant optional for tap and Jazz

Senior, Pre students and Junior Students – Black Leotard, Black warp skirt, tighst, Black tap shoes, Ballet shoes and jazz shoes. Jazz pants optional for Tap and Jazz.

Infant and Junior Jazz classes – Purple Leotard, Black Jazz Pants, Jazz shoes.

Senior Jazz – Black Leotard, black jazz pants, Black jazz shoes.

Boys Class – White Leotard, Black bottoms, White Purple Gecko T-shirt

Karate – White Gi, Purple Gecko Tshirt