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I’m really struggling for gym motivation

By May 5, 2023June 24th, 2023No Comments

Over 90% of my clients tell me the same thing…

“Sam, I’m really struggling to motivate myself or find time to workout.


Ok, so you’re not the only one that wishes there were 25 hours in a day. That’s probably a bit of a relief…

But, what can you do to change that mindset and get ready for summer? I mean, we’re only a couple of months away from bikini season!

Our lives are busy and workout time is hard to find…right?

It soon gets round to Thursday, Friday and then Saturday! And, just like so many others you’re probably frustrated that you’ve not made enough time for yourself and your training during the week.

This needs to change!

Here’s the program that’s going to help you break that cycle…

Now is the time.

In just 12 weeks, you can make a huge difference to the way that you look and feel about yourself.

WARRIOR has 3 x  bespoke workouts, each designed to target key muscle groups and create maximum definition.

No more standing in the gym, wondering what exercises to do…

What to expect…

Whatever your level, this program will coach you through all the different movements and workouts.

Detailed video tutorials, including tips and advice for each movement, to reduce the chance of straining or injury.

Carefully designed rounds and sets for the very best results!

Results, guaranteed.

Hundreds of girls from around the world have completed this program, and nearly everyone has seen amazing results.

Nutrition advice, included.

When you join, you’ll also receive an “Nutrition Guidance & Support”.

This includes useful tips and advice via the Education Portal along with all your recommended daily Calories & Macros to help you stay on track via my fitness app.

Ongoing support.

I’m here for you throughout the 12-week program. And, whenever else you need me too (of course)!

If you need any support, guidance, training tips, motivation or just a little chat, you can contact me directly.

Let’s do this together and get summer body ready!

Get Started Now!